Thursday, September 06, 2007

About crazy stuff

My Brazilian colleague José at the baseball match

I like craziness. Things that amaze me, puzzle me, disturb me, intrigue me...I'm always hungry for it. Especially if it's about music. Or about movies. I thought that after Killer Klowns from Outer Space I've seen it all. But last week I saw a movie that makes every other movie seem pretty normal: Forbidden Zone. It's a movie made by a famous movie music composer named Danny Elfman and his brother Richard Elfman. This movie is so cult, that even cult-videostores have it in the cult-corner. There's no movie like it. Click here for a small clip from Forbidden Zone.

If you think the madness in this clip is an exception because it's music, you're wrong. The entire movie is like this and it gets even crazier.

Another thing that puzzles me: baseball. Last month I've been to a game of the Mets and this week I went to a match of the New York Yankees. We got tickets from our colleagues and I enjoyed it because it's all new for me, but I can't believe millions of Americans watch this game every week. I mean, I can understand basketball or American football, but baseball...

I mean, I understand the rules: guy with a bat waits for a guy with a glove to throw the ball. If he hits the ball really hard over the fence he can make a quiet stroll around the field while making faces at his opponents. One of the special strategies of this game is to bore your opponent to death, something which the pro's on the field are very good at.

I understand that there's a lot of history and culture behind this game, but for a European like me, this game feels like a three and a half hour game of golf. Although it looks like the American baseball fans seem to agree with me, because nobody seems to be able to sit through the entire match. The last hour half of the audience even walked out. And I can tell you that the tickets aren't even cheap. Nevertheless, I did have a good time.

Another thing that totally puzzled me. There's a new commercial made by Juan Cabral, the copywriter and art director (!) that made the Sony commercial with the balls (color like no other). This commercial for Cadbury chocolate makes no sense at all, but it's damn funny. There's just a gorilla in it that plays drum on Genesis-music. Now putting an ape in a commercial is already a guarantee for me that I like it. But this commercial is one great production. You can see it here.

The work puzzled me for a while. What does it mean? And how does somebody gets an idea like this sold? The website explains that there's no rocket science behind this commercial. It's just made to entertain. And that's what it certainly does. Sometimes advertising can be so simple.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

and maybe even tooooooo simlpe,, by the way,,, if you want to get a fuuking beutiful wife,, go to prague!!!!!!!!

2:39 am  
Blogger Robin Stam said...

Hi Andres,

Thanks for the tip, but for some reason I'd rather stay in New York ;-)

12:42 am  

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