Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Computer fixed

Me holding the Luerzers Archive copywriter symbol

Life doesn't have ups and downs, it's a straight way but sometimes you wander off and go sideways for a while.

No matter how careful you are, you can't expect things to go like you expected. Should you feel depressed about it? Can you hit rock bottom? Well, maybe there are a few exceptions where grabbing a bottle of Prozac is a solution. But in general it's better to think that you're just temporarily out of route. You're going back to your old road again, but it's going to take a little longer before you reach your final destination.

The following is a small example of that. As you can read in earlier posts, my laptop crashed last week. I thought at first that maybe there's just a problem with starting up Windows. I thought wrong. My harddrive was total loss. Total costs for replacing the drive and retrieving the data: 450 dollar.

Now I have a positive view on life, but I stay realistic: sometimes it's healthy to swear and to curse the world you live in. I know, it's very un-zen of me, but 450 dollar to have your computer fixed was for me a reason to swear in all six languages that I know. I wanted to go to Stockholm in my quarter break to show my portfolio at agencies there. But the money I reserved for the ticket now went to the computer repair store.

I could have bought a new computer for 450 dollars. But then I still needed to transfer my old data to my new computer, which costs the most. And I wanted the data back. I had back-ups of most of my Miami Ad School work, but for me the photographs that I made the first month in New York were important as well. Guess what happened? Most of my data could be saved, except for the photographs that I made the first month in New York. Now that's bad luck. That's like going sideways and ending up at the Children of the Korn.

Luckily I put some pictures on this blog, Hotmail and MySpace. They're not the same resolution, but they were my favorite pictures. One of the retrieved pictures was the one above. I must admit that I'm not at my most flattering when I pose like a monkey while holding the Luerzers Archive pencil. But I like it because for some reason this photograph is really 'me'.

One quick look at my Miami Ad School files learned me that all the work I've made in the last few years is still intact. Just when you think you've lost a lot you're even happier with the things you find back again. Even when it costs 450 dollars...damn!


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