Sunday, August 12, 2007

Change the pitch up

On Wednesday, I totally misjudged the amount of work that was ahead of me. Thursday was not as chaotic, but finetuning the ideas took me another day and evening. And in order to have a normal weekend, we had to work like hell on Friday. The reason that it took so long is that finetuning didn't took just one round. It took as many rounds as necessary. This agency is the most perfectionistic I've ever worked in. Even using the wrong kind of comma is a reason to be send back to the computer.

These were the first nights that we had to go back after midnight. I expected an empty subway on Wednesday. Instead, the stations were full of life. On the platforms of Times Square station musicians played and there were a lot of people waiting for the subway trains. I guess this is why they call New York 'the city that never sleeps'. It's not because of the nightlife, because most of the clubs are closed at 4.00. But you can be sure that when you're asleep, in New York enough people are working to keep the entire economy running. 24 hours a day. That explains why the lights in Manhattan are permanently on.

And for three days we were part of this ever continuing business. It looked like a half face to face week. As always, in the weekend I went out again. But me and Julien still had to recover from the lack of sleep and the pressure from this week. On Friday I probably used more swear words than in the entire quarter so far. "You become a real New Yorker now", someone told me.


Blogger tibo said...

Hi Robin,

I'm Tibo, a 22 y.o. undergraduate French student who got accepted at the MAS Hamburg in the Art Direction program. I found out your website and looked at your diary. And now I feel a bit confused about my study choice. I mean I thought you were an art director instead of a copywriter. So it may seem a bit stupid for you..but I'm lost about myself, because I don't know what position suit better to me. Could you please describe me by your own words the real difference between an art director and a copywriter. I thought I knew, but like I've not been submerged in the Advertising world before going to the Miami Ad School as you were...I'm meeting some difficulties to understand everything. Look I'm someone who loves to work about ideas and concepts but I'm not a big fan of working on software for hours and hours...better talking and working with my pen. I'm aware that I may not manage well all of those software of design(photoshop...)so here is the reason why I'm not crazy about them.
Anyway, could you help me to decide between the art direction and copywriting? I'll talk with Niklas about that, but I wanted your point of view.

By the way; you're making such a great work and your life inspires me.
If you got some advice as well to start in the best condition my studies...I would be so grateful!

Have a fantastic day.


(PS: If you can't understand everything, please let me know..I'll try to do better)

Here is my email:

5:00 pm  
Blogger Robin Stam said...

Hey Tibo,

Cool to hear from you and you've made a good choice by going to the Miami Ad School. I'm going to answer your question by e-mail.

4:40 am  

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