Sunday, July 29, 2007

(New) work: Scratchproof DVD

Direct mailing for TDK Scratchproof DVD

The scratchproof DVD mailing is actually not new. I made it already during my quarter away in Stockholm and it even won a prize for the best work of that quarter (called Ze Award, see But the presentation still needed some improvement.

We wanted to communicate that the data TDK Scratchproof DVD's is safe for scratches. You can even clean this DVD with steel wool and still there's no data lost. So sending it by normal mail without protective cover would be easy. We simply put a stamp and the adress on the DVD itself and send it without envelope to the target audience. When you put the DVD in your computer, you can read a message that the DVD is still working.

I sent this idea to only one blog to see what the reactions are and within a week other famous ad blogs took the picture and started to publish it as well. A sign that we must have done something right. Nevertheless, any comments to improve the idea or the presentation are welcome.


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