Monday, July 23, 2007

Excellent concepts please

"You know what it is guys and that counts for all of the ideas that you've showed me..."

If you hear this sentence at the end of a review, you know that you haven't made the award winning concept yet. On Tuesday Menno Kluin looked at our ideas for Luerzers Archive and he said about all our ideas that it's just not good enough yet. Julien and I knew that we could do better as well. So we had to go for a second round. One campaign made it through the second round, but the creative director who saw the ideas wasn't satisfied yet. Luerzers Archive is a prestigious client and every idea that's less than excellent is going in the garbage bin immediately. They wanted a third round with new concepts.

So to do this assignment right, we had to work in the weekend as well. On Saturday and Sunday we spend hours to think of new ideas. "We just have to come up with ideas we haven't thought of yet", I said to Julien and we laughed because we already showed about 40 pieces of paper with scribbles on it and even that was a selection. But even though it was really difficult, we made at least the same amount of ideas as we've made last week. And I have the feeling that they are better as well. When you've already made the obvious, the only hope is to think different.


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