Friday, June 22, 2007

Shortlist in Cannes

Text on label: 'Good night herbal tea. Kneipp'

I'm sorry for my jealous hate-commenter, but I'm going to 'jerk off to myself' again (as he put it). This time I've got a good reason: I just found out that I got a nomination at the advertising festival in Cannes for the Kneipp ad I made for Jung von Matt.

I didn't win a Cannes Lion, but shortlist is already good. For those who don't work in advertising: a Cannes Lion is like the Oscar for advertising. You can't get higher than winning this award. Just to compare: all the agencies in my homecountry Holland only got two nominations in my category, press advertising.

If I'm really honest, I didn't think this ad was worth a Cannes Lion. Of course I hoped for it, but if I look at the excellent work that did win, I think this one doesn't really fit in there. It's not a campaign and the work is too traditional. But that's also why I'm totally in love with this ad. It's like a little pearl in my portfolio. I like to thank everybody who believed in this idea and helped to perfectionize it, especially Philipp Barth, my teacher from Jung von Matt.

And congratulations to Menno Kluin, the Dutch creative who won so many Lions for Saatchi NY this year that I can't count them anymore. If I even come close to be as good as he is, I'd be happy already. I'm sure I'm going to learn a lot from him and his creative directors at my next internship.


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