Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Andres goes to Prague!

In the Miami Ad School not every internship is up for grabs. Students who fail to get good grades aren't even allowed to do an internship. They can choose to follow school abroad but to work in an agency is not an option.

Some of the internships are really popular and you need a good portfolio to get inside. That's what my teampartner Andres found out a while ago. His portfolio site was not up-to-date and his request for a prestigious internship in Prague was refused. After that he replaced more than half of his portfolio with work that we made together in Stockholm. They gave it a second look and he was accepted!

For me it's the first sign that we made good work this quarter and it's a big relief for me. Because contrary to what people believe, most advertising creatives are not always sure about their talents. Actually, they're constantly hopping between insecurity and arrogance. That's why some creatives brag about winning an award the first week and want to kill themselves the week after for having failed at a review.

No matter what our work is going to do at the award shows, it has already proven to open doors to a great agency. And in the end that's what's the most important. Next week, after the face-to-face meetings are over, I'll put some of the work I've made this quarter on my site.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Motivating thought !
How are you doin' of kan ik in't nederlands klappen. :-)
Wel mijn tijd zit er ook op bij duval, nog 3 maandjes heb ik maar de deuren zijn al geopend bij 3 andere bureau's.. and we keep on going.

Robin Nice Blog and see you in Cannes ?

Jef Boes
(still) Ad @ Den duvalenguillaume bee-ix-el

12:12 am  
Blogger Robin Stam said...

Hey Jef,

Goed om van je te horen. Ik dacht dat jij permanent bij Duval zat. Maar mooi dat je andere opties hebt. Jullie komen zeker wel op een goeie plek.

Ik ga niet naar Cannes dit jaar. Geen geld en ik ben al blij dat ik in de 3 weken vakantie eventjes niet meer aan werk hoef te denken ;-)

4:40 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi Robin

I've been reading you blog off and on for the past six months as I've also been thinking about applying to Miami Ad School. However I never did in the end. There is one thing that bugs me about the blog though and that is the white font on black background. It is killing my eyes and I can't even read one entry before I see things in double.

I think I would enjoy your blog more if you changed the background so it's not as black as it is now. Another thing is to add yourself, or this blog, to


1:37 pm  
Blogger Robin Stam said...

Great to hear from someone who reads my blog regularily. I´m sorry that the black background is difficult to read. I haven´t heard this complaint before and some people said they even liked the layout, so I think I keep it this way. Sorry. But thanks for bringing it up. And as soon as I have the time I'll take a look at

3:16 pm  

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