Wednesday, May 09, 2007

It's oh so quiet...

As I said before, Sweden is quiet. But I managed to end up in a place that make the peaceful centre of Stockholm sound like a battlefield: Saatchi & Saatchi Stockholm. We're working in a room full of creatives, but it's so quiet that you can hear the sound of a marker scratching on a piece of paper from 15 metres away.

If you want to brainstorm, you have to go into a special soundproof room and close the door. Well, it's not a written rule to do that, but Andres and I almost feel embarrased to talk when we are behind our computers. So when we have a lot of brainstorming to do, we tiptoe to this special room.

The advantage of this is that there's absolutely nothing that can disturb us. It also seems to work for the people in the agency. They work from 9 till 5 and after 6 we're almost the only ones in the agency. Still they manage to make smashing work in the small amount of time that they have. Now that's what I call good time management.

The disadvantage is that it drives me totally crazy. True, I complained about the noise in Brussels last quarter, but the lack of sound makes me even more nervous. I realized that I feel comfortable with noise around me. It's still a pleasure to experience an agency like this and the people are really sweet. But after this week I can really need some good partying to get some chaos back into my system. And soon again...starts another big riot.


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