Wednesday, May 23, 2007


It is now slightly after midnight, which means I'm working for about 14 hours. Me and Andres have been at Frankenstein and King to present work and the only break we had was while we travelled in the subway train and while eating a pizza.

It's our own fault that the work has piled up so much. Every minute you spend on concepting is a chance. It's another chance of making something for your portfolio or something that can win awards. So we spend all our time on squeezing ideas out of our heads this week.

But next to the concept classes we also have design classes. They don't need a lot of concepting, but they cost a lot of time to execute properly. Tomorrow we have to present work at Mama Design and we didn't make anything yet. So to prevent making complete fools of ourselves in front of the whole class, we had to make the work tonight. On top of that, Andres feels a little bit sick. I've just written 5 TV-commercials, which will probably be enough. I'm going to sleep soon. In a few minutes I'm going to tell Andres that he shouldn't kill himself and get some rest as well. Part of being a die-hard in working is knowing when to take a rest.


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