Monday, May 14, 2007

Clubs and blogs

In earlier posts I told about how expensive Stockholm can be if you like clubbing. It's especially expensive when you go with classmates who do have a lot of money and don't care about entrance as long as they're in a club. On Saturday I went to some classmates to drink a beer, but later that evening I found myself standing in a club where I had to pay about 22 euro entrance (!). Was Dave Clarke playing there? No, the DJ was okay and the club was really nice. But it has to be fucking brilliant to make me think an entrance fee like that is actually worth it.

It seems that to make money with a club here you have to ask high entrance fees and let people wait in front of the club for half an hour, even if there's nobody inside. At about 2.00 there were so many people dying to get in that they were almost falling over the ribbon that was used to keep the crowd from rushing towards the door. It was a big riot of screaming and pushing people and I was standing outside watching it from a distance of one metre while I was smoking a cigarette.

If you don't want to waste your money and time in Stockholm it's better to avoid the supposed-to-be-posh clubs. At some clubs, like Grodan Cocktail Club and Teatron they know what good music is, they have a normal door policy and a reasonable entry fee.

Something else: the blogging-virus has infected two other students from the Miami Ad School. My good Italian friend and former flatmate Armando Bertolini has published a blog: (on request of Armando this link has been removed). He might be a crazy guy, but his weblog and his work is almost poetic. It proves that even chaotic guys like Armando can express themselves in a very serene way. And last but not least there's a blog about a small girl in the big apple. Nadine, one of our Swedish students, tells about her experiences in New York: Very cute style of writing and full of good advises. You go girl!


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