Monday, April 09, 2007

Hermanno (left) and Massimo (right) in front of club The Rocks

The first five days I had all the time to discover the nightlife Stockholm, and already some things were really surprising.

I was at Stureplan on Friday, which is known as the posh-neighborhood of Stockholm. A good thing to do to test whether a club is good is to see if you're able to get in wearing the wrong kind of clothes. Luckily, some classmates wore sneakers and one of them wore jeans with holes in it. So after standing in line for 5 minutes the bouncer made clear this wasn't our kind of club. He did that by asking us whether we were on the guest list, which of course we weren't. When we passed I heard that they played boring top-40 R 'n B inside so I was very happy that we weren't allowed in.

The next club did pass our outfit tolerance-test and we had a great time dancing on Berlin-style electro. Close to the Stureplan-area there's an area with more alternative/rock clubs. I expected clubs to look more trashy there, but even the most alternative clubs seem to look like trendy design bars.

Another difference: people at rock clubs don't do 'moshing'. For who don't know what it is: moshing is a dance usually practiced at rock/metal/punk concerts where people push each other of bump into each other. If you end up in the epicentre of moshing, called the 'mosh-pit', it's not uncommon to end up with blue marks on your body. Some people in the Stockholm rock clubs even get annoyed when you accidently step on their little toe. What a difference with some bars in punk city Hamburg, where even the furniture isn't safe because of the moshing-violence. That must look like a warzone to some of the people here.

We also heard that we live in the most criminal area of Stockholm. Which probably means that you have to put a lock on your bicycle, because I haven't felt unsafe once. Even my street looks like a bungalow park.

Some people who know me really well, must think it's quite a shock to me to be in such a quiet place. Well, for me there's a difference between bad hardcore and good hardcore. The bad kind is being in a situation you didn't chose, like ending up in a fight you didn't ask for or when your phone gets stolen. The good kind comes from enthusiasm of people who just want to have fun and explore their limits. After being in Brussels I really like Stockholm because there's no bad vibe at all and you can safely walk on the streets. And even though the Swedes that I've met are really civilized, they do know how to party!

This weekend a lot of Miami Ad School students came to Hamburg. It was like a big reunion again. And what's even better: one of my Italian schoolmates Armando also lives in my apartment now. Tomorrow our first class starts at five. Which means the biggest partytime is over and we seriously have to do some hardcore working.


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