Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Ready to go

Normally I'm really on track whenever I go abroad again. Tomorrow I'm leavin for Stockholm and I had no time at all. I was packing my bags, rushing to buy some things I needed and making phonecalls to everybody I still had to call. So I'm sorry if this is a small and shitty written post, but I just had to write something.

The reason was that a lot of unexpected things happened today. I have to go by plane and that means you must reduce whatever you take with you by 50%. I can carry a lot of luggage, but now it has to be under 20 kilograms. So I had to take out a lot of clothes, a lot of towels, a bottle of vodka and a bottle of rum. And still my luggage weights too much. Well, then I guess the 1,5 kilograms of liquorice is the first that I have to get out of my luggage tomorrow when the weight of my luggage is not allowed.

Anyway, I still have 6 hours of sleep left so it's time for me to stop typing and turn off the computer. In Stockholm I probably have more interesting stories to tell than this one. I'm just going to check this post for spelling mistakes. Check...done...I'm going to sleep. Next post will be from Sweden. Hej då!


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