Saturday, April 28, 2007


As I said before, the creative director of Saatchi teached us that the only sure way to make outstanding work is: quantity. I totally agree on that. So on Friday we took 11 campaigns for Lego and some small ambient ideas to the agency. A total of three campaigns survived and one of them was considered brilliant.

One brilliant idea is all you need (when it's executed to the max). Make one ad like 'The Fly' done by former MAS student Menno Kluin and you get fame and job offers all over the world. I've made some good work so far, but only time will tell if they are good enough for an award. Until now my work hasn't done anything at the student competitions. And fellow students from my year already start to win prizes. In a way that's kind of frustrating.

On the other hand: I have a better portfolio now than I ever had before. Even the work that won prizes in Holland fade away by the work I've made at the Miami Ad School. And I have the luck that my very best work is really produced or is going to be produced. Which means it's not in the running for student competitions but for the advertising festival in Cannes. I guess I just have to be patient and in the meanwhile make even better work.

UPDATE: No awards yet, but I just heard that one of my ads has become the work of the month on portfolio-site I must be doing something right ;-)


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