Wednesday, April 25, 2007

What is a good idea?

An idea is not good unless somebody else thinks it´s good. That´s what I always say and it proved to be right when we all could present already 2 of our 50 campaigns at King. When Andres and I presented the first idea in small, rough scribbles I could see already at the looks on the faces of my classmates that it was indeed a good idea. Our teachers Patrick and Tim confirmed that it was indeed a good idea.

But then campaign number two. We thought it was simple and original. But all I got was confused looks. Okay, it didn´t pass the first test. I looked to the right, where Patrick and Tim were sitting... Nope, we got the same confused looks. After we explained the concept, they got it. But at the meantime they said we have to work on it.

It´s not even a surprise for me anymore. You think you have a brilliant, award winning idea. You show it to someone else and it doesn´t get the reaction you expect. Then you can do two things: walk through the whole agency until you find someone, ANYONE, who does like your campaign so you can say: "hey, but so-and-so said it he kind of liked it". Or you can just spend your time to make advertising that everybody likes.

That doesn't mean that you shouldn't fight for your ideas. But it helps if you can counter an attack on your campaign with: "Well, everybody else in the agency thinks it's brilliant. So maybe they all have gone nuts?".


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