Thursday, April 19, 2007

Neo spam

Nowadays there are tons of websites on which you can upload your profile and create a network of friends or collegues. I'm on Hyves to stay in contact with people in Holland and on OpenBC to stay connected to my business-contacts. I think that's enough. Before you know it you're registered at so many sites that you don't know anymore where you're registered.

Recently I get a loads of e-mails from a site called There's a name of a friend of mine and you have to choose whether this person is a friend or not. It also says: please anwser or (name friend) might think you said no. Now that's a bad way to start promoting your site to me. When I looked further I saw that they actually ask the password to your e-mail server. This way they can send their neo spam to everybody in your adress book. And if you don't register, they keep on sending you e-mails. For me these sites send out spam in sheepsclothes. It's even worse than spam, because the spamfilter can't intercept the messages. Unlike integre sites such as OpenBC, Hyves or MySpace. People on these sites subscribed because they wanted to and not because they don't want to dissapoint a friend.

Uploading your profile on portfolio sites is of course always a good thing to do. On some sites you can just place any garbage that you've made. The good portfolio sites make a preselection of the work. Recently I put my work on, a site that makes such a selection and thereby protect overenthusiastic creatives from showing work that they shouldn't show at all. From now on you can find it in the link section below this site.

There you can also find some links to the Stockholm agencies where we have classes/internships. These are King, Saatchi and Mama Design. Today I have class from a freelance creative named Pontus Frankenstein (that's actually his real name, no kidding). He doesn't seem to have a website. But if his classes are as cool as his name, it will probably be an inspiring afternoon.


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