Monday, April 23, 2007

100 campaigns

Andres shows off our 100 campaigns. On the right Armando is working

The classes at Frankenstein last Thursday were indeed as cool as the name of the owner (Pontus Frankenstein). I immediately felt welcome there. The agency is more idea driven than advertising driven. Whether it's product design, advertising, interior design or architecture, they find the right people to work on projects. As a result this multi-disciplined agency puts itself in a unique position in the Stockholm agency world.

Saatchi Stockholm, where we had a class the next day, seems like the opposite of Frankenstein. It's big and it's really clear what they do: advertising. The creative director Adam Kerj has a view on working that I agree with. "I want to see quantity in this class", he said, "If you have 20 ideas you have a pretty good chance that there's something we can use". We had to do brainstorm-sessions of 20 minutes and in that little amount of time we had to come up with as much campaigns as possible.

As you might have read in earlier posts, I believe in quantity and hard work as well. In the end it's the only way you can truly excel in making advertising. So two weeks ago when we got the assignment at the agency King to make 50 campaigns, my teampartner Andres and I said: let's go for 100 campaigns. And because a campaign consists of three advertisements we had to come up with 300 scribbles of ads.

This evening we put 100 sheets with small scribbles of ads on the floor of the living room. Then we had to slaughter half of the ideas. It seems like a hard thing to do, but luckily we made a lot of crap. So we were quite happy to throw away our 'weaker children'. Now we have 50 waterproof campaigns to show at the agency. Our teachers at King, Patrick and Tim, are going to look through all the ideas and make a selection of campaigns we have to execute. If you thought making 100 campaigns is hard work, imagine having to judge a total of (4 groups x 50 campaigns =200 x 3 ads=) 600 ads (!). Good luck, fellows!


Blogger Rob and Bob said...

It's 5 times Bild... Remember the 21 campaigns for Willy?



9:17 am  
Blogger Robin Stam said...

Yes, I sure remeber the 21 campaigns. For who doesn´t remember it look here:

It is still my all time record for one client, although I came pretty close with 17 campaigns together with Serrano ;-)

8:30 pm  
Blogger Gabster said...

Hello Robin,
Waterproof campaign. Funny.
I hope you are doing good.

I saw my face in the shelter ad. I'm gonna be famous. Well not really, but my face will maybe show up in award shows.

Be good!
Say hi to the peeps.

12:56 am  

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