Friday, March 02, 2007

What the f**k?

Police tape blocking the entrance of my apartment

I know I´m predjudiced about Brussels because I´ve only been in the centre and I´ve read already that there are really good parts of Brussels. I believe all that. But I still think Brussels is a strange city.

Yesterday I came back to my apartment and there was police tape around my building. It even blocked the entrance. So what's that all about? I still haven't found out what happened. Is it a joke? I can't imagine anybody here having that kind of humour. Did somebody got killed in my apartment? I will probably never find out.

I'm not saying it's completely unsafe here, but a lot of incidents in the last months led me to think that you should be careful. There's something strange about Brussels. At least in the centre where I live. The tape around my building kind of symbolizes that. You can see something bad has happened, but you never find out excactly what it is. This might sound a little paranoid. But hey, it's better to be paranoid than to be sorry.

UPDATE: Saturday morning firemen took plastic canvasses off a scaffold that is attached to the building. So I guess the tape was there because of the danger of falling canvas.


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