Tuesday, March 06, 2007


My quarter in Brussels is almost done. Next week I'll be in Holland again to have a nice, long vacation. And after that I go to my next quarter away location. This week I finally got an official e-mail: I go to Stockholm, Sweden.

I knew it for a long time already, but the Miami Ad School always saves the official confirmation until the last moment. Oh well, it kind of keeps it exciting. The decision to go to Stockholm was actually an easy one. I heard good things about the classes in Sweden, I already wanted to go there and this quarter was my last chance (agencies in Stockholm are closed in the summer) and I got the chance to rent the appartment of my good friend Salvatore when he leaves. Sometimes you don't make decisions, but decisions are made for you.

Until then I still have a lot of work to do. Although we asked for an official briefing-stop from the 1st of March because we still wanted to execute some work, the agency put us up to our necks with assignments. Which actually means that they want us to make as much work as possible, so I see that as a really big compliment.

This has been a really good quarter. But crazy enough there's not a lot of work executed for our portfolio. The reason is that in an agency (this counts for every agency) it depends too much on politics and luck whether your ideas are executed or not. No matter how good your ideas are. It doesn't really matter, because Daniel and I gave it all And we proved that together we're able to make good work in an agency that's high on the world's top ranking. Anyway, Stockholm is going to be half internship/half school so I think it's going to be a real portfolio booster.


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