Sunday, March 11, 2007

Last weekend in Brussels

Yigit and me at The Fuse

I was going to dedicate this post about the fact that I had a good time in Brussels and expecially in Duval Guillaume, but that it just isn't the most interesting city to go partying. But recently I found out that saying that would do this city a little short.

Yigit, a Turkisch co-student of the Miami Ad School thought Brussels is by far the best city for a party. And he could know because he's even more into underground music than I am. He said that since he's been here, he has seen more interesting DJ's than in any other city during one quarter. And when I look back at it, it's true.

The thing is: here you can't go out without a plan. All the clubs are too seperated from each other to go from one place to another and you have to pay entrance everywhere. So if it sucks, you can't go anywhere (and still, a lot of clubs do suck). I think I'm pretty spoiled because in my place of birth Alkmaar and Hamburg you can just go barhopping until you find the most interesting place.

Yesterday I was in a club that was so great that I regretted having discovered it so late. It is called Structure Beton and I think it's by far the best club in Brussels. It's filthy, anarchistic and it's right under a car parking. In other words: perfect for a good party. And there certainly was a good party last night. The music of breakcore-DJ Bogdan Raczynski was like a tornado of breaks, bleeps and other unidentifyable noises. The people at the stage were dancing and jumping throughout the whole set. I haven't seen an audience this enthusiastic since I saw Ceefax Acid Crew in Pudel, Hamburg.

Friday I also had a good party, so on the whole this weekend has been the best since I've been in Brussels. I packed my bags already and tomorrow morning I'm going back to Holland. It was a pleasure to be in Brussels and it was even a bigger pleasure to work at Duval Guillaume. In April, a new adventure is waiting for me in Stockholm.


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