Thursday, March 01, 2007


There's more in a dayjob for a creative then just think of funny ideas for commercials. Besides brainstorming, you have to present your ideas, defend your ideas and change your work after the feedback of the clients.

Today we had three reviews on one day. Now reviews normally shouldn´t drive me crazy. But then the following happens: you're trying to get all the work finished in time, but the meeting is cancelled or rescheduled to later because not everybody is there. And when you're in the meeting showing all the work, suddenly all sorts of mobile phones start to go off so you have to postpone your presentation. After the review, we hear that we have to adjust an ad because the client didn't like the layout.

It's normal in an agency, but on some days the chaos just gets too much. In the Miami Ad School students work longer than in most agencies, but you know excactly when your classes start and then the teachers are going to look at your work. And you also have the freedom of perfectionizing your work without clients intervening in it. I think it's inevitable that things run a little chaotic in an agency, but it's really exhausting if you want to do things right.

In the end it's all worth it. That's because you're making work that goes further than just your portfolio. It's really cool to make a campaign that clients like, gets produced and will be sent to award shows. Only the road to get there is a bit harder.


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