Friday, March 09, 2007

Car review

"He's outside," our planner Tim screamed from the balcony at Duval Guillaume, "if you run there you might still catch him". Daniel and I ran with loads of print-outs and sketches under our arms ready for a review, but our creative director peter was about to leave.

"Robin, you take the sketches", Daniel said as we stood in front of a street that was wet from the rain, "I'm only wearing socks so I can't get out". I went to the car. It was about to leave and already running. Peter was sitting in the front and I showed him some print-outs of ideas for one of the biggest assignments we had so far in the agency. It is so big that an entire squad of planners and account directors already worked on it for months. There has already been a review but this moment was the last chance to present our work because it was our last day at Duval Guillaume.

I got some feedback about the layout. So I got back to my art-director, who was standing in the frontway on his socks and told him about the changes that had to be made. Daniel had some questions back, so I went back to Peter to ask him Daniels question. And then I went back to my shoeless art-director again to give him the feedback. Then we knew what to do and the car left. Review was over.

It was one of the fastest and craziest reviews I've ever had. I've heard about the elevator pitch already, where you hold a presentation as long as the elevator keeps going up, but the 'car review' was new for me. Anyway, it was a crazy last day at the agency. We had to work really hard, but right now it's all over. I'm not going to see this great agency for a long time. It was a memorable last day, that's for sure.

I'm only here in Brussels this weekend and I'm going to enjoy the weekend Robin-style: by partying. Tonight there's a party in the centre and at Saturday there's a breakcore DJ called Bogdan Razcynski in a place called Structure Beton. I think I kind of deserved a little party. As I always say: working hard, party hard. And because I've worked hard already, partying hard is all that is left.


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