Monday, March 26, 2007

Back to work already

The beautiful office of Energize

I haven't had a lot of vacation, but it has been enough for me. On Friday I went to Energize, an online agency in Utrecht that I sometimes work for from abroad. I presented some work that I've made at the Miami Ad School and they asked me immediately if I could work on Monday. It's a cool agency to work at, I need some money for Stockholm and vacation makes me lazy anyway. So I didn't even think twice about working there.

So I'm back to work again. It was hard to get up at 6:30 again, because I'm not used to getting up early. But somehow getting up early and having resposibilities also give me energy again.

And somehow being busy also draws other work like a magnet. This afternoon, my former collegue Peter mailed me for a job, which I had to decline because he was in a hurry with it and it was too big for me to do on the side. And in the evening I got an e-mail from Duval Guillaume that a project for a TV-campaign is going to start. Conference call tomorrow morning at 11:30. Who needs vacation anyway?


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