Thursday, March 15, 2007

Back in Holland

It's amazing how fast you go to another country. And it's even more amazing how far Belgium always seemed when I lived in Holland. I went back to Holland on monday morning and about 3,5 hours later I was in Alkmaar -that small city near Amsterdam- again.

This time it's not as surprising anymore to be back. 2,5 months isn't that long. I'm not very surprised to see windmills and bicycles anymore. But after being in a dirty city like Brussels for such a long time, I do realize how beautiful Holland really is. I walked over a wooden bridge and looked over a big, green park on the side of the canal and in the distance there's a windmill. It's all really quiet. Which is also the reason why I can't stay here very long.

Everything but quiet is the nightlive in Alkmaar. A couple of years ago, there's wasn't a lot to do here on Tuesday and Wednesday. But now hanging in the pub seem to have become a trend here. I can go out any day of the week and still meet friends of mine. Yesterday I had a little rest but tonight there's a good opportunity to go. One of our local soccer clubs AZ is going to play against Newcastle for the UEFA-cup. I'm not very into soccer, but I'm always in for a good party. Let's hope they win.


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