Friday, March 30, 2007

Anti spammed

I'm two weeks back in Holland and my life already seems like it was when I lived here. From Monday till Wednesday I worked in Utrecht for Energize. On Thursday I finally got my telephone back from the repair-shop. I had to get back to the store because my simcard was missing. Besides, all phone numbers and messages that I collected since last month were erased. But let's look at the bright side: the '1' button that was broken is now fixed.

Last week I also got an e-mail about the television campaign that they're going to make at Duval Guillaume. Sadly, nobody responded. Another mail about the publication of my anti-spam campaign also resulted in nothing. Was there something wrong?

A quick e-mail to my former roommate and planning trainee Tim Gregory solved this mystery: the e-mails fell into the trap of the Duval Guillaume spamfilter. How this could happen stays a mystery. I mean, I didn't talk about African business proposals, penis enlargement systems or fake Rolexes. Maybe the words 'spam ads' triggered the filter to discard my e-mails. Anyway, it's kind of ironic: I made a campaign for a spamfilter and now I'm the victim of a spamfilter myself!

Tonight I'm going to have a drink in Amsterdam. A group of young creatives are coming together to get drunk, brag about their work and show off their trendy shoes and glasses. I'm looking forward to see this group of advertising addicts again.


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