Wednesday, February 07, 2007

City of comments

Recently, my blog has been the center of attention of some very popular Belgian blogs. The reason was my post 'city of sirens' (, in which I talked about how strange Brussels is to me. The articles were reason for a lot of discussion, looking at the amount of comments on the post.

On the websites they shared my opinion to a certain extend, but they also said that I just know a very small part of Brussels and that the city centre is not representative (phooh, that's a relief!). I must admit that I exaggerated a lot in this article and that maybe I emphasized the negative parts a little too much. So to make it clear: I don't think Brussels is a dangerous city. I just said that one might think it is because of the sirens. I have to walk through the most dangerous part of Brussels to get to the gym and I never feel unsafe.

To see the articles on the weblogs, go to (Dutch) and (French).

There are always more people reading the weblog than expected. Last week my creative director Peter joked to me: "you complained on your weblog that you don't get enough work here, so we'll give you a lot extra!". He was joking of course, because I said in the article that I'm finally in a busy workflow. And I still am. The whole week we've been working day and night to get our work done and today is not going to be an exception because tomorrow morning we have to present our ideas for a big campaign.

In my opinion, every reaction on my blog is a good reaction. And if it raises discussion, it's even better.


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