Sunday, February 25, 2007

IMPORTANT: phone lost

Do you ever have these days when one misfortunate event happens after another? I'm not talking about the really bad things like: somebody dies. I'm talking about small strokes of bad luck that cost either money, time or dignity. These are moments when life throws shit at you. It happened to me this weekend and it sucks.

At first I was really looking forward to my only evening of going out this weekend. I went into Brussels with a Rumanian Miami Ad School student Dan. We were in the Fuse, because he wanted to go there. Unfortunately, after 20 minutes Dan got sick of the place. "It totally sucks", he said, "let's go somewhere else".

We ended up in a situation that I call a 'mega loser evening'. It happens when you go into a big city without a plan. You walk from club to club trying to find a place where you can get in, but everywhere you crash into a bouncer who says it's full or who makes up an entry fee you wouldn't even pay if the pope was playing techno. If you have a mega loser evening in Amsterdam, you'll usually end up in the Cooldown Café. Dan and I ended up in some shitty Irish Pub together with other losers.

But it can get worse. At the end of the dissapointing evening I felt in my pockets for my phone and it wasn't there anymore. I tried to call this morning, but I heard a voice mail so my guess is that it is stolen. The biggest problem with losing your phone is not the money (I'll get it back from the insurance). The biggest problem is that 4 years of collecting phone numbers is all of a sudden down the drain. So if anybody thinks: why doesn't this bastard call me back, this could be the reason.

I can track down most of the numbers, but some of them are lost. So anybody who thinks he/she might have a number that's hard to retrieve, please send me an e-mail ( I'll buy a new phone in two weeks when I'm in Holland. But until then I'm mobileless. Feels like being handicapped all of a sudden.


Anonymous Pietel said...

That's why you can sync your contacts on a mac.

But shitty that your phone got stolen.

11:13 pm  

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