Sunday, February 18, 2007

Guests, party and comedy

My art-director Daniel stucked in elevator

And the prize for the club with the best atmosphere in Brussels goes to... The Wax Club. I've been there this weekend with friends from Holland (Maarten, Mandy and Lianne) and it was great. There was good music, the entrance was free and the people were cool. Too bad I discovered this place this late in the quarter.

A good second place is for the party at Ric's boat. This is one of the party boats of Brussels. The DJ in the beginning of the evening managed to draw a dancing audience even before the place was crowded. I've been a DJ in Holland and I can tell that's a very good accomplishment.

My guests from Holland were quite lucky to come here in the weekend when there were really good parties. Today I'm exhausted. I've been at the agency, but I was so slow that it took me half an hour to write an e-mail.

By the way, my mother doesn't have to be worried whether I eat good enough or not. My New Zealandish flatmate Tim just bought 4 kilos of mince meat. He wanted to get 4 euro's of meat, but the butcher understood it as 4 kilos of meat. When he saw the giantic package of meat on the counter he felt too embarrased to say something about it. And if that wasn't funny enough already, today Daniel got stucked in the elevator. After 10 minutes of entrapment, he managed to get the elevator down by jumping in it. With flatmates like these, who needs comedy?


Anonymous paps en moeders said...

Ha ha wat een leuk stuk heb je geschreven. Ik zie het gezicht van Tim al helemaal voor mij daar bij de slager.Lachen hoor, nu zullen de kilo's er wel snel aankomen.
Bedankt hoor Tim.

8:03 pm  
Blogger Tim said...

you can never have enough mince though Robin, let's not forget that!

On the topic of mince, I'm interested to know what the comment with my name (and a few haha's) in it says ... can you do me the pleasure of a translation please Robin?


3:05 pm  

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