Saturday, February 10, 2007

Duval Guillaume

All the Eurobest awards the agency won this year

At the reception of Duval Guillaume there are not less than seven Eurobest trophy's that they've won this year. The Eurobest is a prize for a European advertising festival. I remember having a nomination for the Eurobest when I worked at McCann-Erickson Holland and the agency was already happy with that!

No matter what you think about award-shows, with seven Eurobests you can't deny that this agency must be doing something right. And these statues are not the only awards they've won. Upstairs there's a big cupboard with hundreds of prizes in every color and shape imaginable.

I already noticed that this whole agency is about good creation. When there's a good concept, they go for it for 100%. Everybody has one goal and that is to make excellent work. Everybody, including the account and planning department.

This week Daniel and I had lunch with the creative director of the company, Peter. He explained us another thing that makes Duval Guillaume so succesful. One of their policies is that they don't make work for pitches. Maybe they show a couple of examples of what they can do, but they don't let their employees work day and night on a full campaign for a potential client. This way, they can fully focus on the clients that they already have and the employees don't get overworked.

I also noticed that in the first month that I've been working here that there's a very down to earth mentality. I haven't seen any creatives who walk around thinking that they are god. Nobody is considered better than someone else, no matter what function, experience or amounts of prizes won. And (as in all agencies) there can be some discussions between accounts and creatives, but it never seem to get out of hand.

This is by far the best agency I've ever worked and a perfect place for my first quarter away at the Miami Ad School. I still have one month to go, but even if I don't make any work anymore this internship has been worth it.


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