Sunday, February 04, 2007

Remco and Ben in my appartment

Some weekends I will always remember. This was certainly one of them. On Friday three friends of mine (Bas, Alex and Remco) came to visit me. There was a party on a boat, at about 5 minutes walking from my appartment. The boat was very small and the audience was very young. But there were a lot of advantages: the atmosphere was good, there were great electro-punk live acts, and the beer was € 1,50. We enjoyed it a lot and after having seen very commercial (read: expensive) clubs in Brussels already, I really needed a party like this. It was different than anything else I've seen here.

The next day Benjamin also arrived. After we picked him up from the station, I showed everybody the most touristic places in Brussels (I even saw the statue of the small pissing man for the first time). In the evening we went to a club called The Fuse. A famous DJ from Germany called Sven Väth was playing there. It took us 1,5 hour to get in the club and hang up out jackets, but the party was worth all the trouble. We had a really good time and we danced till we dropped.

We tried to get into a taxi with the five of us, which is usually not allowed. As soon as we tried to get in, the cabdriver told us to get out immediately. When we stepped out, the guy started to swear at us. "You know you can't get in the cab with five persons", he yelled, "you Dutch people have no respect!". I told my friends that unfortunately this is how some Belgians think about the Dutch. I think there must have been some really rude Dutch tourists in the past who spoiled it for the others.

We decided not to take a cab, but to walk home. I knew the road because (as you can read in an earlier post) I walked it already. "It's really easy," I said, "we just have to walk straight ahead on one road". So we walked for half an hour and we crossed the whole centre of Brussels on just one road.


Anonymous jessica said...

i am so jealous on you guys..what a cool thing..sven väth in town and me not able celebrating it..with you..;)but robin, small thing: jessi starts falling in love with advertising...funny how things change..hopefully your doing as cool as always..and please contact me on skype..that would be nice to keep in touch..julien and me are teaming up for next quarter..going somewhere to the eastern parts..isn't this all weird..?

3:12 am  
Blogger Robin Stam said...

Hi Jessica,

Good that you finally know for sure that advertising is great. You'll make really good work with Julien, that's for sure. I will certainly keep in touch.

P.S. The 3rd of March Dave Clarke is playing in Brussels ;-)

8:19 pm  

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