Monday, February 12, 2007

Another visit from Holland

Me and my sister Elina in club Dirty Dancing

Since I live in Brussels it's easier for people to come over. The result is that I get visitors every weekend. This weekend my sister came over together with her friend Eloïna.

Because a preference for electro-punk and underground parties doesn't run in the family, I took her to a more commercial club. So I went to a club called Dirty Dancing. Although it was a good evening with good music, it was the last time I go to a commercial club in Brussels. First of all the drinks are too expensive. You pay three euro for a small bottle of Heineken. And if you're unlucky (like me) you meet a girl who wants a wodka Red Bull and you're nine euro poorer.

And I'm not particulary fond of the people in the club. They try really really hard to be trendy and cool by wearing dandy clothes. But because they try so hard they're anything but trendy and cool. Don't get me wrong, I'm not judging people by what they wear, but if they think having an attitude is also in fashion I start to dislike them. Just one example: a guy who was on the guestlist thought it was necessary to go through the normal entrance, where he had to push himself and his friends through all waiting guests. Come on, have some fucking decency!

Of course most people are okay, but if you put annoying people like that on the guest list, it fucks up the atmosphere right from the start. Despite these minor issues I really enjoyed the evening. The music was as good as minimal electro could get and my sister and Eloïna were big fun. But if I go to a club like this every week it will get annoying. Anyone who visits me after this weekend will have to come with me to parties where people are crazy instead of plain stupid.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey nep broertje,

Inderdaad we hebben zeker genoten, en vooral lekker geslapen ;)
en niet te vergeten we hebben pik zien. haha
Nou kus van nep zus Eloina

10:25 pm  

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