Sunday, January 07, 2007

Walking through Brussels

In every city you come there´s always something new to discover. I´m not talking about the typical tourist attractions. I haven´t seen the atomium or the world famous pissing statue yet. Maybe I will, but seeing something that every visitor of Brussels already has seen is not first on the list of my priorities.

No, I´d rather meet the people. Go to places where a tourist doesn´t go. I always did that. I was once for a day in London. Instead of going to the Big Ben, my former art-director Peter and I went to the local pub.

My first weekend in Brussels was also my first weekend off. I mainly spend my time walking. First I wanted to find a sports club that I want to join. I walked half an hour only to find out that I made a mistake looking up the adress. So I walked half an hour back again. Well, at least I got to know Brussels a little bit more.

On Saturday night I got to know the whole centre of Brussels. I went to a famous techno-club called The Fuse. I danced there until 4 o'clock but suddenly I had enough. Daniel already went home so I had to find a way to get back. I heard from the bouncers that the subways weren't riding so I guessed I had to walk. "But it's half an hour to three quarters of an hour walking!" the bouncer said. "I don't mind", I replied. The bouncers looked at me as if I was crazy. They didn't know I've had worse walking adventures after going out. Compared to driving a bicycle for an hour through rain and storm, a nice walk of half an hour is peanuts. They explained where to go and to my surprise I just had to walk straight ahead on just one big road. It couldn't be easier. Are these guys kidding me? I thought. After half an hour walking I found out they weren't kidding. I crossed the centre of Brussels walking on just one road.

Tomorrow we're going to present our ideas to the creative directors of Duval for the first time. I hope they kill 95% of our ideas because 95% is not good enough (I just don't know which 95%). Anyway, our first week as a creative team went very well and we're going to work even harder next week. They put me and Daniel together for a reason and I think it's for a good reason.


Anonymous ingo mettes said...

iobvkobHey Robin,
An intenship @ DG. Not bad!
I just read your blog once in a while but you've always got lots of interesting stuff going on.
Hope your internship works out well. I'm sure it will.
Have a great 007. Grtz, Ingo

3:59 am  

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