Wednesday, January 24, 2007

The rage

Everybody probably has his ups and downs. Nothing new. I sometimes can have downs for no reason at all. Some weeks it can even feel like something's eating me from the inside. I feel miserable and I'm insecure. I react to that by being shy to people I don't know very well or by taking it out on people who I'm working with or who are really close to me.

The last few days I felt like that. There's no reason for it. I had a great weekend in Antwerpen and all the reviews at the agency went really good. The only thing that bothered me was that this month I spent more money than I expected. Well, I've been through worse before. Anyway, at moments like these some rage takes over. I feel like a boiling watercooker where the steam can't come out. In the past I had these moments more often, but fortunately they get less and less.

Nevertheless, I took it out on my teampartner this week. By being even more stubbard than usual and by being as irritable as a pitbull with rabies. I deeply apologized for being a total abnoxious person and I promised that I will calm down from now on. And I promised myself I will calm down as well. Because no matter how much pain I do to somebody else, I always end up hurting myself the most.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thanks for apologizing :o)
Anyway the good reviews had shown that at least out work didn't suffer too much under the pitbull :)

let's rock on and be nice to each other :D

Mr. Ham

11:32 pm  

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