Thursday, January 11, 2007

Work in progress for Dirk, Yigit and Dan

Not every Miami Ad School student is as lucky to en up in a good, fully furnished appartment on their quarter away. This last weekend other three students from my school arrived: Dirk (from Holland), Yigit (from Turkey) and Dan (from Rumania). At Saturday we asked Dirk and Yigit to go partying, but they were too exhausted.

Here's why. The day they arrived they found their appartment totally unfurnished. There weren't even beds. The person in charge for arranging all of it appeared to be on vacation. Yigit had to make a bed of newspapers to sleep on. He was totally devastated because of this unwelcome surprise.

Luckily, the agency provided them with furniture very soon. But when I got the chance to visit them, they were still building the furniture. Only one table was standing and the rest of the furniture was still in packages. Even the beds had to be built yet. I'm sure that whenever everything is furnished they'll have a nice appartment as well.

This week I also went sporting for the first time. I've started mixfight. This sport (also know as ultimate fight) is a combination between thaiboxing and wrestling and has hardly any rules. I used to do a sport like that about six years ago.

Now you'd probably expect some really mindless brawlers at such a sport and I had to walk through one of the most dangerous parts of Brussels to get to the gym. But to my surprise the people at this club are all well educated, including the teachers. They all know excactly what they are doing and take this sport really seriously. What was also surprising: the group was very international. There was a German, a Bulgarian, a Frenchman and a couple of Belgians. It looks like the Miami Ad School, but with fighting. I'm glad to have found a club like this.

I'm also still glad to be at Duval Guillaume. We got some really good coaching this week from Peter, the person in charge of helping the interns. He took more than an hour to discuss the ideas that we have (that's more coaching than an average agency gives in a month!). Next week we have a lot of reviews and we're working hard to make even more ideas. This weekend Daniel is going to his girlfriend in Cologne. Luckily, my fellow schoolmates in the empty appartment will probably be ready to party. I hope they're not too exhausted from building their furniture.


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hey robin - armando, andres and emilia are saying hello! we are about to go to the quarter start party at hamburger berg. rock on in brussels! x

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Anonymous Sam said...

I went online to buy some unfinished furniture because I had nothing to sleep on! I found some great solid wood furniture here: I'm taking my furniture with me when I move out!

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