Thursday, January 25, 2007

My history of reorganisations

From the time that I started working in offices instead of restaurant kitchens and warehouse storages, I´ve seen some strange reorganisations. It started during my study. I worked at a datatypist at a helpdesk section of OgilvyOne. The way they brought the bad news was classic. First they offered us a free lunch. During which the manager told us they lost a client and almost all of the 100 employees are fired.

I hated that job anyway, so for me it was a good reason to go on. A couple of jobs later I worked for McCann-Erickson Holland. After a while they hired a slave master from South Africa whose only assignment seemed to have been to cut as much costs as possible. To reach this goal he showed no mercy at all. In fact, he first fired the older employees who could never find another job somewhere else and the people who suffered from a terminal illness. After a while it was time for loud mouths who are too stubborn to make bad work, which meant me and my art director could go.

The saddest thing is a reorganisation that is forced by circumstances, because you can't blame anybody for it. This week Duval Guillaume lost one of their biggest clients. I knew it since Monday, but of course I couldn't talk about it until it was in the news. A drastic reorganisation is the result. The whole week there has been a grim atmosphere in the company. To experience this in the first weeks of my internship is kind of strange. It's sad to see collegues who I just got to know a little bit already leaving. I hope every one of them gets a new job really soon.


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