Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Missing in action

Yesterday, we had a review of the work we've made, which was shifted to today, which we didn't have today because it's shifted to tomorrow. No matter how good an agency is, meetings that are cancelled are inevitable. Even in a structured agency like Duval Guillaume. I'd better get used to that. Luckily, we've created a lot of work for ourselves so we don't have to get bored between the cancelled reviews.

Today I finally had contact with my former art director Alex, who is now on an internship in Bejing. Due to an earthquake in Thailand the entire Chinese internet is down. So I haven't heard of him since I was in Brussels. I started to get concerned whether Alex is still alive or not, but I found a sign of life on Skype today. You can follow follow their adventures in Bejing on their weblog, which is ironically called 'Missing in action'.

So if you want to know how cheap a sixpack Corona is in China, how bad their internet exactly is and what the hell they're doing in a place so far away you almost fall off the earth, you should visit As they are both art-directors, they would like to express themselves with photographs. Unfortunately that's not possible because of the failing internet. But I'm sure it's worth it to check regularily. Because until there are placements on the Southpole, Alex and Caro probably have the most unique quarter away of the entire Miami Ad School.


Blogger Alexander Hormos Carls said...

hi robin, hi all - china just slipped into a temporary hole of internetbandwidth, so you´ll find a few pics on the page from now on (no more words anymore :-)

11:05 am  

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