Friday, January 05, 2007

The first days

This is the view from my appartment in Brussels

The first four days of my internship have passed. It´s weekend now, and normally I would have been partying somewhere but I´m not so sure about that right now. Nobody seems to go somewhere. My art-director Daniel went to the cinema with his girlfriend and my flatmate Tim is sleeping. And my phone can't be activated, so nobody can call me. I bought a sim-card from a cheap provider called '1BE', who said they activate my new phone-number withing one working day, but I've been waiting for the bastards to activate my phone for three days now. It's the last time I buy a sim card from a cheap provider.

Okay, now here's a last update: I just called Daniel and I could actually reach him. Wow, they finally activated my phone two days too late. Great! "Welcome to the mobile world!", Daniel said.

I can look back at a good first week of working. Me and Daniel haven't made a Cannes-winning idea yet, but we're doing pretty well for a first week. If we continue like this, I'm sure we'll come up with some really good work.

I'm going to look on internet right now to see if there's anything going on in 'Bruxelles'. I might even go out on my own. I don't mind. I'll meet people anyway. The bright lights of the big city seems to be calling me. But if there isn't something really interesting coming up tonight, I draw my conclusions. Which means I'll just spend my night relaxing at home.


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