Friday, December 08, 2006

Some students still working and making a mess Posted by Picasa

Everything is going really good this face to face-week. As I said before, everything is on schedule. I slept really well and I had all the time to give my ideas a proper execution.

Not all students have their work as finished as I have. I already saw the first student who 'freaked out' because of the pressure. Which is not a good idea here at school. It's a good attitute to think: let's see how far I get. This attitude might not get all your work finished, but it sure saves you a lot of stress.

A team that is really working like hell is my former roommate Emilia and her teampartner Armands. They have been in school every time I left. So at 3.30 they were still fighting against their sleep to get their Photoshop-work done. Today they ordered about 15 cans of Red Bull to get them through the night. It kind of reminds me of myself last quarter, but the difference is that they are making better work than I did then. These two really deserve to win a top dog.

By they way, I'm doing pretty well with the work. One of my campaigns for copy-class is presented to the client this week, one of the best ads I've ever made is about to be produced and I get one good grade after the other. The coolest face to face ever was for Stand up Comedy class. Everybody had to do their own sketch. If there's one thing I like to do it is to perform for a crowd, which I haven't done since I had drama class at highschool. I managed to make everybody laugh, including my teacher, who rewarded me with a straight A.

And there's even more good news. Today I heard where I'm going to do my internship. I knew it for a long time already, but today it was official: I'm going to Duvall Guillaume in Brussels. And they've teamed me up with one of the best art-directors of the school. Tomorrow is my last face to face. I'm going to work a little more to get everything finished and then this week is over!


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