Sunday, December 31, 2006

Old & New

Last year during new years eve it wasn't just a change of year, it was a change of life. But it was all for the best. This has probably been the best year of my life. It has certainly been the most extraordinary year of my life.

Tomorrow my parents will bring me to Brussels, Belgium. The 2nd of January I'll start my internship at Duval Guillaume. The trip won't be as hectic as last year. Then we had to go to Hamburg with two cars full of stuff. Looking back at it, I brought way too much stuff with me. Now I only have a suitcase and a big bag.

I remembered almost feeling dizzy last year January the 2nd when I went to the shopping mall with my new classmates. I looked around, my parents were already gone, there was no way back and I was eating a sandwich in a German shopping mall as if it was totally normal. For me, a guy who lived in a small city in Holland for 29 years, it was an almost surreal experience.

I think, no I hope Brussels will be really impressive, but I will never feel the tension I had last year. There won't be much surprises. I know what it is to live abroad. I know what it is to move (I lived in three different places last year). And I know what it is to work in a big agency. My new art director Daniel is probably even more relaxed with the situation. He will arrive in Brussels with his suitcases on the same day as we have to start our internship (!)

Well, I will probably get used to travelling a lot in 2007 because I'm going to at least three different places in the world and after that I go back to school for three months again. I'm certainly going to miss the school this coming nine months, because I had a terrific time there. I wish everybody a new year that's as good as mine was this year.


Anonymous paps en moeders said...

Heel veel succes in Brussel, en dat je maar veel mooie en goede ideeen mag krijgen.

12:10 pm  

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