Friday, December 08, 2006

Face to face = finished

Students waiting for their face to face meeting Posted by Picasa

My very last face to face week has been a memorable one. I'm getting quite used to students sleeping at school, students freaking out and crying, computers or printers that crash exactly at the most important week of the quarter. I will see it again when I come back to Hamburg in the 8th quarter, but I will never be part of it again. Funny enough, I think I'm going to miss these weeks of hardship.

The work is done. It feels good to have nothing to do after you've done a lot. We can actually go outside the boundaries of the school and that's probably what most students are going to do tonight. It's partytime! And I'm going to enjoy every minute of it because next week I'm coming to Holland again. I'm looking forward to it, but I'm really going to miss this school a lot. In a way it's like leaving your home to go back home.


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