Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Face 2 face week!

The trash made in two days (!) Posted by Picasa

It´s 1:30 in the night right now and I've just finished the layouts of a campaign. Tomorrow, a teacher is going to present the campaign to a big client of Scholz & Friends. In case you haven't red my earlier posts: these kind of working days are normal in the face to face week. This week all the work is going to be evaluated by the teachers and everything must be executed perfectly.

The difference with other face to face-weeks is that this time I can actually sleep pretty good. I've planned everything better than last quarter. This week I'm just perfectionizing executions and doing reshoots of photo's that need to be better. Furthermore, I only spend time on the most interesting concepts right now, which means it saves me a lot of time. I haven't been in a lot of stress yet.

Compared to earlier face to face-weeks it's not very crowded here. But some people are always in school. As always, some people even sleep here. There's also somebody from a radio program walking aroung here. This monday, he recorded the snoring of two students who stayed up all night and slept on a couch in the morning.

But most people left before 12:30, when the last subway leaves. Nevertheless, it's a big mess here in school. The reason is that the cleaning company didn't leave any trashbags in school, so nobody of the staff can clean it up. But the cleaning ladies who forgot to leave the trashbags are up for a big surprise tomorrow morning, because then they come to clean up the building.

Right now I'm going to send the campaign to my teacher and after that I'm going to walk home. So far, my face to faces went pretty good and I've got almost everything prepared for the last three. It's nice to be on schedule.


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