Friday, December 01, 2006

And...action! part 2

4 hours of sleep and still dancing Posted by Picasa

Monday we did our ┬┤guerilla filmshoot┬┤ in the garage, only to find out that all material we shot was worthless. At least we knew how we should not film the super complicated scene. In these moments you just have to swallow away your dissapointment and think really practical: Thursday we planned a new shooting.

To be able to color the background of the iPod dancer (played by me), we had to shoot the scene against a white background. This time, we didn't shoot the scene in a garage, but near school. We bought four big white bed covers, cut out the elastic with a pair of scissors and put it against the wall to use it as a background. This way we had all the time to shoot the scene properly without having to worry if somebody calls the police. This time the results were good. We presented the commercial to our teacher at Jung von Matt and he loved it.

By the way, monday the face to face week starts again. And as always right before the busiest week of the quarter there's some big party again. Tonight the messias of electro-punk is playing in Hamburg again: T. Raumschmiere. I had four hours of sleep last night and I still have a lot of work to do for monday. But tonight I'm going to party. I'm going to dance like the iPod man!


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