Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Moving out/moving away

When every minute of your spare time is consumed by school, it is really difficult to handle a situation in which you have to do something more important. My sister came to visit me this weekend and that's a good reason for me to forget all about the workload. Sometimes it's good. Having a rest every now and then is necessary.

But on monday there was something else that needed attention: I had to move out of my appartment. I wanted to be free of all the unnecessary stuff I had in my room so far so a lot of clothes, furniture, all my records and my turntables went in the car with my sister. I only had a suitcase, a big armybag and some plastic bags. After school I cleaned the whole evening and the next day I moved all the stuff that is left to the appartment of Salvatore.

It gives a lot of freedom to realize all you need to live is in a suitcase and an armybag. I can go wherever I want. Well, I might as well get used to that because next year I'm planning to live in a different country every quarter. As I said before it's probably going to start in Belgium. Two classmates of mine just heard that they're going to Bejing (!) for an internship. I haven't heard any confirmation about my quarter away yet, but I will hear it pretty soon. Anyway after 1,5 months I finally come back to Holland again. With only a suitcase and a big armybag.


Anonymous Paps en Moeti said...

Al je spullen die je nodig hebt in een koffer.
ARME PAPS EN MOETI.Zijn je 2 kinderen de deur uit komen wij bijna om in de spullen. Ook Elina heeft haar opslagplaats gevonden.
Help het word hier zo VOL

12:14 am  

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