Sunday, November 12, 2006

How to live with almost no stuff

I´m in my new appartment for exactly 12 days now. As I said before I have to live with only a suitcase and a big bag full of clothes and stuff. Which is difficult for someone who, back in Holland, lived in a big appartment for his own with every convenient stuff around him. I had space to cook in the kitchen, I had three big closets full of books and DVD's, I had two closets of clothes, which consisted about 100 T-shirts(-and those were only the T-shirts!). I had a lot, but what I didn't have was freedom.

The advantage of having so few stuff is that at any moment I can get the hell out of here. There's still a little more than a month to go before I go back to Holland. I just get on the train and within no time I stand with all of my belongings in Amsterdam. The disadvantage of having so few stuff is that I'm constantly running out of clothes and laundry. Questions like: 'how many times can you use a towel before it's really dirty?' come to mind. Or: 'how many times can I wear these jeans before everybody notices I wear them every day?'. Yes, I actually have anwsers to that question now. But I'm fine with having less stuff. Today I finally had time to wash my clothes. A lot of underwear has been washed in the nick of time, because I almost ran out of them.

Some news about the school: I just read that I'm NOT nominated for the Young Gun awards. In contrary to the ADC-awards, this time it did piss me off. Because of the seven nominations four are for Miami Ad School Europe and if I'm really honest some nominations are equal to the level of the work I sent in. But also this time the nominations are for second year students. So once again I came to the conclusion that I have to make better work. I'm pretty sure that one day I will win a lot of awards for this school, but maybe it's just not my time yet.


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