Tuesday, November 28, 2006


Face to face week is getting closer and I´ve got things pretty good prepared. It's going to be less hard than last quarter because then it was absurd. Yes, I will be working a lot next week, but without the usual stress. Almost all the necessary executions has been done already and I´m going to use the last, busy week of the quarter to finalize the layouts and texts.

That means that me and my teammates had to do a lot this week. Yesterday I had another shoot of the iPod spoof again (see earlier post). Think it can't get crazier than collection money for pigeons in the busiest shopping street of Hamburg? Well, think again: we did the film shooting in a car parking. I put on black gloves and the stocking over my head. So I looked like some black ninja. Then I had to act in slow motion that I was driven over by a car. I'm surprised nobody called the cops.

Today we made a photoshoot for a tea brand. For this we needed two people who spilled ketchup in a subway train. So we had the combination of shooting in a moving train, using ketchup and working with two students who didn't have a lot of time. Enough factors to make the outcome as unrealiable as hell. But we took the risk and luckily the pictures ended up being pretty good.

Unfortunately, we have to do the filmshoot in the car parking again. The material we shot wasn't good enough. Well, they say a good artists suffers for his work. I might as well get used to that ;-)


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