Saturday, October 07, 2006

Work: Ariel stain sticker

Text on sticker: It's this easy to get a stain. It's this easy to get it off Posted by Picasa

Normally I put my work on my blog right after the face to face week. This quarter I didn't do that yet because I was too busy preparing to go to Italy. I only put some photo's on my site to brag that I won stars.

So here's the work that won a small silver star. I'm glad an ambient promotion won a star, because I still have too few ambient in my portfolio. It's a promotion for Ariel pocket, a pen that easily removes stains wherever you are. This was a real assignment from the agency of my teacher Gerrit Kleinfeld and it's presented to the client.

After a little research I found out that people get 70% of the stains when they're on their way in public transport or when they're in a restaurant. On the places where people can sit we put this sticker. We put the stickers there with the adhesive side up. So when you sit on it, the sticker sticks to your bottom. When you take the sticker off, you can read the text: 'It's this easy to get a stain. It's this easy to get it off'.

This coming weeks I'm going to put some more work on the site so check my blog regularily.


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Blogger Robin Stam said...

Ah, here's a reader of my blog who's paying really good attention. If you follow the link above this comment, you'll see a Cannes winning print campaign of stains that you can pull off like a sticker. I knew the campaign before and I wasn't inspired by it for my sticker promotion. My sticker is ambient, so it's simply another idea. But to be honest, I think my sticker idea is too small to be compared with such a great campaign as the one above ;-)

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