Friday, October 13, 2006

VV/M in Pudel

My life is not only about advertising. (Although it looks like that when you're reading my blog). From the beginning of this school I promised myself: I'm going out at least once a week, even if it's really busy. Some students here spend so many time in school that they lose touch with the world that surrounds them. Wars, disasters, terrorists attacks, we hear everything a couple of days later because nobody takes time to read the news.

I should also read the news a little more. But luckily I always find time to go out. Yesterday I went to the Pudel club. A famous underground producer named James Kirby (also known as VV/M) had a live act there. VV/M makes breakcore/electronic noise. For who don't know what it is: it's probably the only type of music left that's so hard that it's guaranteed to annoy your parents. I even have records of the guy, so I really had to see it.

The act was not what I expected, but nevertheless really cool. He sat the whole live act on a wheelchair, he wore a dress and he had a mask of Elton John. All the electronic freaks that know his music probably expected explosive sounds out of the boxes. But instead, he put on distorted versions of music of Elton John and he started to playback on it. After the song he played his usual noise for about one minute and then he played another Elton John song. This weirdness went on for a couple of hours. I loved it! If you have little spare time to go out, you have to pick out the experiences that last for a long time. And this certainly was one of those.


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