Tuesday, October 10, 2006

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This was certainly a remarkable campaign. I made it during Heads and Tags, a class in which we learned how to think of concepts in a textual way. Every week we got an assignment and we just had to bring 30 to 40 possible headings or pay offs to class.

The heading of the first ad is probably one of the strangest I've ever come up with. I never expected it to win a silver star, because it's kind of absurd. It refers to the fact that Hamburg has a lot of canals, but with this heading it doesn't really communicate anything but the absurd joke itself. And that's also why I had to laugh about it when I first thought of it with my teammate Gunnar. It probably made the jury laugh as well.

When you've got a heading like that it's difficult to come up with a second and third one that's just as good. In this case the second and the third aren't the level of absurdness of the first. Which makes them weaker. The second ad refers to the fact that the Reeperbahn is similar to Amsterdam and the third ad makes a joke about the amount of rain in Hamburg (although Hamburg is anything but Lourdes ;-).

It's funny. This learned me once again that there are no real guidelines for making advertising. Just make people laugh and o yeah...here's a small benefit of the product. Sometimes advertising can be really simple.


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