Friday, October 27, 2006

Text: Missing. Dog. Listens to the name of Canaglia. Last seen in the new Alessi store. Only eats fingernails! Posted by Picasa

Stef and Yona aren't the only one who have something to celebrate this week. I haven't won a golden saw (see last post), but I just heard that I've won an international Alessi competition in the category ambient. Because of that, me and my art-director Julien get $ 500 worth of Alessi products for free!

We made spoofs of missing animal posters. Not excactly a new idea to do something with that, but we put the actual products of Alessi in the posters. Alessi makes household products ranging from nail clippers to vacuum cleaners. The products are all really well designed and some of them actually look like animals. The aim of the briefing was to get people to the new Alessi store. With this ultra low budget ambient campaign passers-by get to know the products and they can rip off the adress of the new store immediately.

I wanted to win this competition really badly. That's why me and Julien spent extra days after the face to face week to work on it. I remembered that we declared ourselves crazy that we were still working in school until 23.00 while other students were relaxing at home and recovering from the busy weeks that were ahead. I think winning this competition makes us a little less crazy.

Tonight is an exiting evening, because also the winners of the Junior ADC are known. I sent in four campaigns for it. I don't know if I hear anything about it tonight because the award show is in München, but I have other things on my mind. My sister Elina and her boyfriend are coming over so after eight o'clock I'm going to spend the whole weekend with them. But whether I hear something or not, I'm glad that I already have something to celebrate.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hee Robin! Gefeliciteerd! Leuk idee inderdaad; goed gevonden om op deze manier mensen naar de nieuwe store te lokken. Wel erg toffe prijs! €500,- aan Alessi! Of is dat slecht één zo'n nagelknippertje ;-)


9:30 pm  
Anonymous paps en moeders said...

Hoi die Robin,
Gefeliciteerd jullie hebben het toch maar weer geflikt.
En nu op naar nog meer prijzen.

10:09 pm  
Blogger Robin Stam said...

Voor 500 euro kan ik waarschijnlijk wel 2 nagelknippers kopen. Nee hoor, geintje. Alessi heeft peperdure spullen, maar ook iets goedkopere dingen. Die kat-opener kost geloof ik 8 euro of zo. Is best te doen.

12:01 am  

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