Wednesday, October 25, 2006

The struggle for ideas

I kind of got used to the uncertainity that you´ll experience while making campaigns. You should be uncertain in this business, because only that pushes you to make even better work. If you know excactly what to do and you can just scribble one campaign after the other, you´ve become a professional. To me that means the same as not making any exciting, new work anymore.

If you want to make good work, you´ve got to accept the stress to make it. But sometimes it's difficult. Right now I´m working on a brief for the D&AD. For the Assignments class we have to work on a briefing for Eurostar to make an integrated campaign. Even though I'm working together with two good art-directors, I'm really struggling with this brief. Tons of ideas have already been killed. This week I sent an e-mail with ideas to the teacher twice. And finally after hours and hours of brainstorming there's one idea we can go further with.

Talking about ideas: there's some new work on the weblog of Stef and Yona, two young creatives who study at the School of Visual Arts in New York. Check out: Also Torke, an agency in Portugal, just made some cool work for the martial arts week. Look at their inspiring blog at Some ideas seem easy to make. But remember that behind an excellent idea there are always hundreds of ideas that are not good enough.

UPDATE: Stef & Yona just won the 'Golden Saw' award, a prize for the best young talent in Holland. Because they were in New York at the time they made this small film to show how happy they are:


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