Thursday, October 19, 2006

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Sometimes I make a campaign that totally reflects my sense of humour. The blood donation campaign of last quarter (see earlier post) was one of them. The Weight Watchers campaign is another one.

This campaign is actually on the exhibition. Which means I managed again to get the most tasteless campaign of the school to the exhibition hall downstairs. I made it with my teammate Gunnar for a class called Heads and Tags. We originally developed it for Optiwell. But after speaking with some creative directors about it, we figured that it might be clearer when we put a different client under it. One that immediately reminds you of dieting. As a student you can make your own rules with whatever you put in your portfolio, so we simply put the logo of another client under it. In advertising agencies they do the same thing and they even sell it to another client, so why not? Anyway, some ads get boring after a while. But somehow this campaign never fails to bring a smile on my face.


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